JC SMiley Portfolio

Web Develper / Nature Enthusiastic/ JavaScript Programmer

About me

I enjoy building the tools I wish I had when I first started as a gaming law enforcement agent. Tools like a online field guide I can view on my phone anywhere or time instead of a limit access stack of encyclopedia size paper manuels.

This is the type of gifts I have built to give to the next generation of gaming law enforcement agents.

  • I love to garden. My favorite vegetables to plant is peppers, cucumbers, melons, green beans, lettuce, and sweet potatoes. I normally plant a row of tomatoes to give to my co-workers.
  • I am a amature long-distance bicycle rider. The farthest I have ridden on a single ride is 30 miles. My current goal is to bike to work and back (around 52 miles).
  • I have fell in love with hiking. I have hiked most of the state parks in north Mississippi and around Memphis, TN.
  • While biking and hiking I normally listen to technical podcasts like Code Newbie, Breaking into Startups, Syn-tax, and Front End Happy Hour.
Tech Stuff
  • Volunteer with Code-Connective (local non-profit tech meetup group)
  • Hack-Memphis 2018
  • Meetups: Dev-Memphis, Code-Connective, Memphis Web Workers
Collaboration Projects

2017 Smiley's Family Reunion Website


You can contact me by email at jcsmileyjr@gmail.com.